Metallurgical & Material Analysis & Testing

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Material Analysis & Testing

The discipline of materials science involves investigating the relationships that exist between the structures and properties of materials. Material analysis is the investigation of materials that determines their structure and properties.

Our Process

Exelon PowerLabs mainly focuses on mechanical and electrical testing to determine material properties as well as metallurgical analysis in order to understand the structure of metallic material, and chemical testing to verify elemental composition.

Tensile and hardness testing are just a few examples of the type of mechanical testing Exelon PowerLabs provides in order to determine the ultimate tensile strength, breaking strength, elongation, and hardness of materials. Electrical testing of materials can determine properties such as electrical conductivity and dielectric constant. Metallurgical analysis provides information about the micro-structure of a metal or its structural features including grains and types of phases which is ultimately the basis for a material’s properties. All testing is completed to a wide selection of standards or specifications (i.e. ASTM, etc) to ensure materials perform as expected.