Metallurgical Analysis & Testing

What is Metallurgical Analysis & Testing?

Metallurgical Analysis is the study of metallic components or detecting the presence of metals in non-metallic components.

Our engineers analyze metals using various microscopic and macroscopic examination methods. The process aides in failure analysis investigations of metallic and non-metallic components, and also helps quality assurance surrounding metallurgical issues.

Why is Metallurgical Analysis & Testing important?

Metals are one of the most common materials used throughout the world. The composition of metals can consist of the most basic element form of or complex alloys engineered for specific purposes. Having a specialized team of metallurgists enables us to analyze virtually any metallic material.

Metallurgical analysis is commonly used in failure investigations to understand how specific characteristics of a metal or alloy may have contributed to the failure. We also use the known characteristics of a particular metal to identify trace contaminants. Our metallurgists are able to utilize a variety of non-destructive and destructive testing methods to perform analysis of your metal components.

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