Failure Analysis

What is Failure Analysis?

Failure Analysis is performed when there is a desire or regulatory requirement to initiate a comprehensive investigation into the root cause of failure for components that unexpectedly fail while in service.

The process of collecting and analyzing data from a failure results in the ability to improve existing components and the development of new components. Some common methods we use to collect data include microscopy, spectroscopy and appropriate testing methods. We offer both destructive testing and non-destructive testing, should you require the failed component not to be affected by our analysis.

Why is Failure Analysis important?

Understanding the characteristics that caused an unplanned failure is critical to determining which corrective actions will prevent future reoccurrence and potential catastrophic damages in the future.

We equip our team with a wide array of lab equipment and access to our proprietary database housing decades of failure records we have performed. This empowers our team to quickly analyze the data and identify the root cause so you can fix the problem faster.

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