Equipment Repairs

Equipment Repairs we perform

For decades, we have calibrated or serviced nearly every type of equipment. Our technicians are equipped with all tools necessary to bring your broken test equipment back to life. We are a faster and cheaper alternative to OEM repairs, and a cost-saving alternative to purchasing new equipment.

We can repair virtually all major brands and types of equipment. Our in-house radiological hot lab also allows us to service radiologically contaminated equipment.

Why are Equipment Repairs important?

In many cases, the cost of implementing a new piece of equipment is more expensive and labor intensive than repairing an existing item. Once purchased, new equipment must be inventoried, tested, and calibrated to be ready for operational use.

Our in house repair process can reduce your equipment down-time and save the expenses associated with purchase of replacement equipment.  At the conclusion of every repair, we provide a calibration certificate ensuring the function of the repaired unit.

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