On-Site Calibrations

What are On-Site Calibrations?

On-site calibrations are typically performed for equipment that is either too large or too expensive to ship out for calibrations. Another reason is for equipment used in-process, meaning it’s installed with a plant component, constantly takes readings and never comes out of service. These instruments still require calibration. Thus, rather than sending them out, a technician brings calibration equipment to your facility to perform the calibrations.

Why are On-Site Calibrations important?

The availability of having calibrations performed on-site saves you costs and significantly reduces the liabilities and risks associated with shipping and transporting expensive equipment. Also, there is virtually no downtime since your instruments remain in service aside from the normal calibration procedure.

For decades, we have supported the industry with on-site services. Our team of friendly experts enjoy the opportunity to come to your facility and interact with your techs.

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