New Instrument Calibrations

What are New Instrument Calibrations?

New instruments seldom come with a certified calibration from the manufacturer, or equipment supplier. Many industry regulations render the new equipment useless until the measurement parameters have been calibrated by a certified or accredited laboratory.

New instrument calibrations ensure the equipment you need is ready to use straight out of the box. To reduce downtime, we offer you the ability to have new instruments shipped to us directly after purchase from the supplier or manufacturer. This enables us to calibrate the new instruments with minimal delay in the turnaround time and provide you with additional cost-savings upfront.

Why are New Instrument Calibrations important?

It’s an effective way to reduce vendor costs for calibrations, simplify the purchasing process of new instruments, and reduce risk across your operations. The cost of calibrating a new instrument is nothing compared to risks an inaccurate measurement can have on your operations.

When you calibrate your equipment with us, we give you real-time, digital access to all certificates of calibration in our proprietary online system. Your new instrument will be properly calibrated with traceable and documented data that immediately complies with your quality and/or regulatory requirements.

Why you should choose us for your new instrument calibrations

Having our advanced inventory system at your fingertips ensures there is minimal downtime in the integration of your new instruments. All your records and data are updated in real-time and available to you instantly on our proprietary online platform.

We promote innovation within our company, and we are always exploring new ways to streamline our operations. By implementing more efficient processes we help save you time and money on your operation and maintenance expenses.

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