High Voltage Calibrations

What are High Voltage Calibrations?

When it comes to our nations’s power grids, there is an intrinsic value in consistent and accurate measurements. We provide standard and ISO 17025 Accredited high voltage calibrations for high voltage test equipment and components that are used in the maintenance of power distribution, substation, and transmission assets.

The changes in technology and infrastructure are greatly impacting the high voltage requirements worldwide. Many labs within the U.S. and South America are not equipped to calibrate test equipment through their full range, severely reducing the capabilities of the equipment. With the increased safety concerns regarding high voltage energy, most calibrations must be performed by an accredited laboratory.

Why are High Voltage Calibrations important?

The technological changes in our energy infrastructure are making it more ideal for people to live in more remote places to escape the congestion of major cities. In our neighboring countries in South America, there are many remote areas that are at the beginning stages of receiving energy assets.

The most cost-effective way to transit energy to these places is through high voltage transmission lines. These assets must be regularly inspected to ensure the integrity of the power grid. In order to obtain accurate data an accredited calibration of the test equipment is necessary, and often required by the government and industry regulatory bodies. However, if you exceed the parameters of an accredited lab in the U.S., you’re left with minimal options.

Many companies have already encountered the problems that come with shipping highly sensitive and expensive equipment overseas for accredited high voltage calibrations. Don’t take on the unnecessary risk, schedule your on site calibrations of high voltage test equipment today.

Our partnership addresses the gap in Accredited High Voltage Calibrations

We partnered with Phenix Technologies to address a significant gap that has existed in the North and South American high voltage markets. Prior to our alliance, ISO 17025 accredited high voltage calibrations for most high voltage parameters were not available in this hemisphere. Many companies were being forced to ship their equipment overseas, oftentimes subject to waiting periods of two months or more, with some equipment on short six-month calibration cycles.

Our partnership aims to prevent the unnecessary downtime by bringing new capabilities in accredited high voltage calibrations to North and South America.

Having our collaborative partnership melds the strengths of Phenix’s deep expertise in high voltage and high current testing and our high-quality metrology proficiency to deliver an unprecedented level of service.

High Voltage Capabilities and Measurements in accordance/compliance with IEEE Standard 4 and IEC 60060-2

(★ indicates ISO 17025 Accredited)

AC Voltage

★ 0 - 200kV, 50Hz or 60Hz (Reference Divider)

★ RMS & Peak/√2

Linearity to 1MV

DC Voltage

★ 0 - 200kV DC (Reference Divider)

Linearity to 1MV


Lightning Impulse to 2.5MV, Traceable through PTB

Reference System to 500kV

Linearity to 2.5MV

Linearity to 1MV

Chopped Lightning Impulse

Impulse Current to 100kA


★ 0 - 5,000A

5,000A - 20,000A, Traceable through NRC

Partial Discharge

per IEC 60270

★ -100 - 100pC

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