Accredited Calibrations

What are Accredited Calibrations?

Accredited Calibrations are formally recognized by an accrediting body to determine and validate the technical competence of a calibration laboratory to perform specific types of testing and measurements.

We are A2LA Accredited (American Association for Laboratory Accreditation) with ISO 17025, the main standard used by calibration and testing laboratories. We are also ISO 9001 Certified, although our ISO 17025 accreditation includes the addition of our technical competence to perform calibrations using standard methods, non-standard methods, and laboratory-developed methods.

Why are Accredited Calibrations important?

Many industries are governed by regulatory authorities that require compliance with specific quality standards. The accuracy and consistency of measurements performed by a calibration laboratory greatly influences an organization’s ability to provide reasonable assurance of safety, so a formal evaluation of all the factors that affect technical data is gravely important.

We are regularly re-assessed by A2LA to ensure we are maintaining our standards of technical expertise, and often required to participate in proficiency testing to demonstrate our continued technical competence. Our accredited calibrations help you minimize risk and receive the most precise and accurate calibration data available.

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